Intelligent integral bathroom High-end private customization
   Demyt-Demater is committed to providing users with integrated sanitary engineering solutions, relying on the manufacturing advantages of sanitary hardware in Kaiping Shuikou, Guangdong Province, which is the "China Water Heating Sanitary Industry Base". The products cover shower faucet, bathroom hardware, shower room, ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, Automatic Dishwasher, Waste Disposal Unit,sink, pure water drinking machine, etc.
   Fashion is a dynamic combination of art, civilization and technology. Her works are not only the cohesion of ancient aesthetic arts such as sculpture, painting, decoration and construction, but also the implication of modern humanistic flavor and high-level life taste. In the grinding and care of time gradually evolved into a systematic, stable, classical aesthetic characteristics, and even become a symbol of the existence of a brand. A model of bathroom furniture with noble taste and unique personality always has a cross-border understanding, thinking and interpretation of technology and quality, creation and beauty.
   In the multi-cultural precipitation of the brand's life, bred vigorous vitality. All along, she passionately releases her original creative ideas and pursues the broad connotation of noble products. It has won many honors such as "Recommended Products for Engineering Construction" and "Designated Brand of Five-Star Hotel Sanitary Hardware". In addition to insisting on brand characteristics, in order to solve many practical engineering problems, we can also carefully customize individualized products.
In demyt's eyes, every project is regarded as a top-quality project. Whether it is the pre-professional consultation, solution design, quotation, production and installation guidance, or after-sales service such as maintenance, replacement, etc., we have strict requirements for ourselves.
Demyt weaves a blue dream of enjoying the water world with responsibility and passion.
Corporate culture
Based on talent and technology
Creating the Best Products and Services

Talent First, Pursuing Excellence
Leading Change, Co-existence and Win-win
People-oriented, set up a competent and efficient team image, and create a spiritual culture.
The essence of enterprise culture is "human culture", and human is the most active factor in productivity. People are the foundation of enterprises, and employees are the main body of enterprises. To build enterprise culture, we must improve people's quality, focus on people, respectively, to achieve the goal of cohesion, common ideals, standardization of actions, formation of good habits, image-building and expansion of social visibility. To this end, we should establish a learning organization, do a good job in training scientific and cultural knowledge and professional skills, and do not cultivate outstanding managers, so as to promote the construction of corporate culture.
The brand of Xin Purui came into being when the company Sanitary Ware Exhibition was held at the Nan Bolong International Hotel in Shanghai.